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The Great Artiste

The Great Artiste is an alternative-rock band formed during 2011 in Nancy, in eastern France. Their psychedelic music consists of saturated guitar riffs and textured melodies, backed by bass and drums very present.

The sound of Greta (short for The Great Artist) comes from a reverence for Lou Reed and a keen interest in experimental music (Alan Vega, Phil Spector, Dennis Wilson). The guitars, as well as the bass, are always embellished with the characteristic effects of shoegaze, the Catholic reverb, the Hendrixian fuzz or the glides of Kevin Shields. Here, the textures are as important as the melodies. The drums tell of the strong influence of Ride and the Spacemen 3 for an explosive and exciting result.

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Café-concert" Hofperle".
Hyper sympa, concerts gratuits, avec parfois un peu de théâtre.
Tous les lundis à 20h.
Karl Marx Strasse 131-133
Restaurant "Tempo Box"..
Brunch à 8 euros le dimanche : simplement dé-li-cieux !
Simon-Dach Strasse 15
Bar/boîte gratuit "Zum schmutzigen Hobby".
Musique pop. Ambiance garantie à condition de ne pas venir trop tôt !
Revaler Strasse
Librairie "Dussman".
Le plus grand magasin culturel de Berlin.
CD, bouquins, petites cartes, partitions etc... : tout y est !
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